Attila Zoltán Jenei

Conduct research at the Doctoral School of Informatics (institution of Budapest University of Technology and Economics). The PhD research focuses on the multimodal recognition of the Parkinson's disease.

Core skills:
Python, Matlab, RapidMiner
Areas of interest:
Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistics

Contact information:

Room: IB157
E-mail: jenei [@]

Current projects

  • OTKA program - Diagnostic possibilities of speech disorders caused by abnormal speech-forming organ lesions, neurological and psychiatric disorders using artificial intelligence
  • OTKA program - FORENSICspeech: Forensic Voice analysis using Hungarian follow-up voice database

Teaching activity

Holding laboratory occasions, correcting class assignments: Review and evaluation of professional reports and presentations:

Publication List

PhD Thesis

MSc Thesis

    Possibilities of automatic speech-based separation of Parkinson's disease, depression and voice disorders with 2D convolutional neural networks (2020, in Hungarian)
    Available (after login): BME VIK Diplomaterv Portál

Scientific Students’ Associations Conference


  • Reading psychology
  • Playing guitar
  • Hiking
  • Swimming